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Anna Reid

Anna Reid

A love of working with people and the sheer excitement of buying and selling property brought Anna Reid into real estate in early 2016. Her husband’s career resulted in a move to the Sunshine Coast later that year, but when the opportunity arose to move back to Nanaimo she jumped at the chance to re-join Martin Velsen’s real estate team, and get back in the business she knew she wanted to be a part of long term.

Her motivation comes from her family – both to help provide financially as well as to set an example for her daughter that women can absolutely succeed in a field that has traditionally been dominated by men.

“Some of the most successful Realtors today are women and I want Charlotte to see that there is nothing she can’t do if she puts her mind to it,” says Anna.

With a preference towards acreages and rural properties, she enjoys the unique and rural properties they work with on Gabriola Island along with working with first-time home buyers as they move towards homeownership for the very first time.

“I have been a horse lover my entire life and much prefer farm life to city life, so this is the type of property that really gets me excited,” she continues. “The best piece of advice I’ve received is that people are going to buy and sell when they’re ready - not when we’re ready - so I just want to be here to help them through the process when the time comes.”

An animal lover and pet owner alike, Anna along with her team members make regular donations to the SPCA to help their furry friends.

250.751.1223 | [email protected]