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Sarah Binab

Sarah Binab

Growing up in Oak Bay, Sarah Binab would ride her bike up and down roads and back alleys wondering what all the beautiful houses looked like inside.

“Now here I am selling many of these houses today,” she says smiling. “It’s a dream come true in a roundabout way.”

Specializing in the municipalities of Oak Bay, Victoria and Saanich, Sarah started in real estate in 2008 on the encouragement of her brother who wanted her to join his team. It wasn’t a great year to get into the business since that was when the financial crisis hit, but it taught her some valuable lessons and gave her the opportunity to learn the business from the ground up.

Now thirteen years later she was part of the #1 Team in North America (Binab Group) and finished #2 in the world with her former brokerage. She has won Gold Awards in each of the last five years and prides herself on having positive relationships with her fellow Realtors along with her ability to collaborate in negotiations to reach the common goal of a successful real estate transaction. Sarah has been MVP at The Agency for the past 2 years.

“My drive and motivation come from my two kids,” Sarah continues. “I was taught at a young age that good things will come to you if you work smart and keep a positive outlook, and I’ve fully integrated these things into my career.”

“We have a wonderful community of agents in Greater Victoria and I’m so grateful to be living here with my family.”

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